Easy WP Meta Description 1.2

There is a new version of my first WordPress plugin, Easy WP Meta Description 1.2.0. It can by downloaded from the plugin directory at wordpress.org. New features include defining a home page meta description and an uninstall script.

Previously, the tagline was used as a meta description for the Front page, which works well for many but not all. Now you can enter your own description under Settings > General > Front Page Meta Description. This applies if you choose to display the latest posts on the Front page. When you choose to use static pages as the Front page and the Posts page, the individual meta descriptions that belong to each page are used.

From version 1.2 an uninstallation script deletes all changes in the databes produced by Easy WP Meta Description. This is done when user clicks the Delete link.

When you dont want to use the plugin any more you can choose to deactivate it and to delete it. When you deactivate the plugin, all descriptions stay in the database. They are just not used any more until you choose to activate the plugin again. When you delete the plugin with the delete link all descriptions are permanently deleted from the database and will not be restored if you choose to reinstall the plugin.

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