Easy WP Meta Description

Version 1.2
Why use meta description

Easy WP Meta Description is a WordPress plugin to add the meta description tag in the html head. This plugin allows the editor of a WordPress web site to add descriptions to individual pages, blog posts, front page, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies.


For a blog post or page there is a separate text field just below the text field where you edit the post text. Type your description there and it will automatically be added as a meta description tag in the html-code.

For description of a category, go to Dashboard > Posts > Categories. Select a category in the table to the wright or create a new category. Type the description in the text field Description, Weather or not this description will be viewed for visitors on the site is up to each theme. The Easy WP Meta Description plugin will add the description as meta information in the html head.

Handle tags and custom taxonomies in similar way.

With version 1.2 you can also set meta description for the Front page in Settings > General > Front page meta description. If you dont set any value the tagline will be used. This is if you chose to use front page to show latest posts.

If you select a static page for front page and another for showing latest posts the individual page meta descriptions will be used instead. Then the setting page field Front page meta description will not show up.


There are two ways to install plugins in wordpress. The built-in function throught the Dashboard or manually with FTP.

  1. Built in through Dashboard.
    Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
    Search for ‘Easy WP Meta Description’.
    Click install.
    Click Activate Plugin.
  2. Manually with FTP.
    Download the package from wordpress.org Plugin Directory.
    Unzip the files on your own computar.
    Upload the unzipped files with FTP to the plugin directory in your wordpress installation.
    Go to Dashboard > Plugins to activate.

Nothing more needs to be done. Just start using it.

Download Easy WP Meta Description


From version 1.2 an uninstallation script deletes all descriptions produced by Easy WP Meta Description. When you dont want to use the plugin any more you can choose to deactivate it and to delete it. When you deactivate the plugin, all descriptions stay in the database. They are just not used any more until you choose to activate the plugin again. When you delete the plugin with the delete link all descriptions are permanently deleted from the database and will not be restored if you choose to reinstall the plugin.


To translate Easy WP Meta Description to your language use the file wp-content/plugins/easy-wp-meta-description/languages/easy-wp-meta-description.pot. Open it in, for example, Poedit, follow the instructions to create a .mo file for your language. It would be easy-wp-meta-description-fr_FR.mo for french, for example. Language codes are here. Put the file in wp-content/plugins/easy-wp-meta-description/languages.

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